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Process automation and simplification

At the heart of GLASSWING is its ability to automate and simplify master data management processes in SAP. By reducing manual data entries, our solution significantly cuts down on errors and inefficiencies, freeing up valuable resources. This automation extends to various aspects of master data, from creation to maintenance and validation.

GLASSWING’s intuitive interface makes complex master data tasks manageable, fostering a more productive and error-free working environment.

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AI-powered analytics and rule engine

GLASSWING uses advanced AI technology to analyze and enhance your master data quality, offering insights and automated solutions. Its unique rule engine simplifies complex processes and ensures master data accuracy and efficiency.

Learning from your master data patterns, GLASSWING not only predicts and resolves potential issues but also significantly improves the overall quality of your master data. This proactive approach transforms master data management from a reactive task to a strategic advantage, fostering operational excellence and smarter decision-making.

SAP MDM Glasswing provides robust governance and compliance capabilitieslike this spider web

Comprehensive governance and compliance

GLASSWING provides robust governance and compliance capabilities, essential for today’s data-driven businesses.
 It ensures adherence to internal and external master data standards and regulations, safeguarding your company’s reputation and legal compliance.

GLASSWING’s governance framework includes audit trails, digital signatures, and role-based access controls, instilling confidence in master data integrity and security. This comprehensive approach to governance turns SAP master data management into a strategic asset for regulatory compliance.

SAP MDM GLASSWING is like this fingerprint detail for maintenance: It shifts the paradigm from never-ending SAP master data cleanup to proactive, vital maintenance.

Proactive data maintenance

GLASSWING shifts the paradigm from never-ending master data cleanup to proactive, vital maintenance. This approach ensures that master data issues are addressed promptly and effectively, maintaining the integrity and reliability of your master data.

With GLASSWING, businesses can focus on leveraging their master data for growth, rather than getting bogged down by maintenance. The is a dynamic, agile master data environment where accuracy and timeliness drive business decisions.

GLASSWING was designed to simplify, automate, and govern your master data management processes. These are our 3 keys:

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Making it simpler, more user-friendly and manageable, GLASSWING streamlines complex master data processes. This enhances clarity and efficiency.

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Key master data management tasks are automated, manual effort reduced and errors minimized with our solution for an overall improved operational productivity.

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We ensure master data integrity, security and adherence to regulations and standards by enforcing robust master data governance and compliance.

GLASSWING is more than a solution: it’s a revolution.

Welcome to the future of master data management!

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SAP master data management system GLASSWING's key visual

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Louise Blumensaat Fredsøe
Supply Chain, Optimization & Masterdata Manager, Ahlsell
The combination of our high-quality data and the GLASSWING solution enables our continued high performance on master data.
Company logo of SAP MDM Glasswing Siegwerk
Vincent Saadoun
Head of Product Lifecycle & Master Data Management, Siegwerk
When it comes to master data maintenance, our main priorities are completeness, correctness, and speed. With GLASSWING, we now have the tool and the concept to meet these demands.
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GLASSWING provides the recipe for automated master data processes and higher data quality

Read the story of how GLASSWING helps Siegwerk to reduce complexity, enhance user experience, and streamline processes for higher data quality.


5 common questions

How do you automate master data?

GLASSWING has an AI module that analyzes existing SAP master data in order to predict and simulate business rules before going live with the solution. The identified business rule are applied in the solution through conditions and parameter settings – no coding is required. As a client of ours, you gain full access and knowledge of how to maintain these business rules on your own.

How do you cleanse master data?

GLASSWING focuses on business rules and governance principles of the input processes of master data. The identified business rules of our clients are reused for cleansing purposes in our projects.

How do you instruct users of work to do?

GLASSWING utilizes SAP capabilities when it comes to notifying users of work. We have built-in SLA capabilities that remind users based on urgency when to perform a task before, at and after the deadline – in the form of visual queues and emails.

Who are typical users of GLASSWING?

GLASSWING can be utilized in many different ways depending on the needs of our clients. In a regular day-to-day master data business, it is the people creating and maintaining master data. There are also managerial advantages to GLASSWING such as master data performance KPIs and process transparency through reporting capabilities in the reporting dashboards that the solution offers.

How is GLASSWING deployed/installed?

GLASSWING is installed directly in the core SAP ERP as a certified SAP add-on solution. The software utilizes as much SAP functionality as possible in order to ensure conformity and validity of data in SAP.

SAP master data management system GLASSWING's key visual

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