A group of people representing Glasswing's team creating solutions for and with SAP master data that redefine efficiency and productivity


Here at GLASSWING, we blend latest AI technology with our deep expertise to deliver master data management solutions for and with SAP that redefine efficiency and productivity.

The transparent-winged butterfly is the namesake of glasswing, reflecting the transparency and transformation in SAP master data management


Derived from the transparent-winged Glasswing butterfly, our name reflects our commitment to transparency and transformation in data management, symbolizing the clear, unobstructed view we provide into all your master data processes.

Data center programmer using laptop with the user-friendly system Glasswing for SAP master data management

Simplifying complexity

At our core, we’re dedicated to simplifying the intricate world of data. Our mission is to transform complex master data landscapes into user-friendly systems, making SAP master data management less of a challenge.

Newtons cradle in motion represent SAP MDM Glasswing's empowerment for businesses through automation

Empowerment through automation

Our second mission focuses on empowering businesses.
By automating and refining their complex master data processes, we enable our clients to focus on strategic growth, ensuring accuracy and an always high quality.

Our history

Founded in 2007 together with our customer Nilfisk Advance, the product you now get to know as GLASSWING originated in Copenhagen, Denmark. The journey began with a vision to revolutionize master data management in SAP, evolving over the years into the innovative, AI-driven solution known today.

Founded in

Copenhagen, Denmark

The evolution of GLASSWING: Transforming master data management

In 2007, in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, our journey began under a different name, driven by a vision to redefine master data management. GLASSWING, inspired by the clarity and transformation of the Glasswing butterfly, embodies our mission to revolutionize how businesses approach their master data. Our manifesto, focused on breaking old habits and creating innovative, effective solutions, has been our guiding light:

Good master data management is not about cleansing data. It is about breaking habits. And creating new and better ones. It is about spreading the positive effects of strong, well-maintained, reliable master data throughout your entire organization.

Somewhere along the line, we became slaves to master data. It became the opposite of clever business. A tedious, time-consuming task. A never-ending clean-up project instead of proactive, vital maintenance. All this ends with GLASSWING. The master data solution built for and from your needs. Made for real people with real-life challenges. The intelligent solution offers AI analysis of your current data. A one-of-a-kind rule engine to ease your processes and end errors.

And dedicated support from A-Z. Of course.

It offers order in complexity – allowing you to automate. Scale stock. Save endless resources. Give your master data a voice with us and experience the butterfly effect of brilliant master data management.

Our approach has always been human-centric, understanding that behind every dataset are people facing real-life challenges. Our growth over the years has been marked by continuous innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We’ve seen first-hand the positive effects of
well-maintained, reliable master data spread throughout organizations, transforming them from the inside out. Our solutions are built for and from real needs, emphasizing the importance of user-friendly, efficient, and reliable master data management.

From the beginning, GLASSWING was more than a name; it was a promise of clarity, efficiency, and transformation. Today, we stand proud of our journey from a small Danish startup to a global leader in master data management.

Our team

As we continue to grow and evolve, our core values remain the same:
to empower businesses with simplified, automated, and governed
master data solutions that drive success. Join us as we continue to
break new ground and elevate the world of data management.

May we introduce ourselves:

SAP master data management system Glasswing Commercial Manager Lars Kjøller

Lars Kjoeller

Commercial Manager

SAP master data management system GLASSWING Senior Sales Manager Bo Andersen

Bo Andersen

Senior Sales Manager

SAP master data management system Glasswing Peter Ertl Sales Manager

Peter Ertl

Sales Manager

SAP master data management system Glasswing Vice-President Products and Innovation Nordic Region Anders Jakobsen

Anders Jakobsen

Vice President, Products & Innovation Nordic Region

SAP master data management system GLASSWING Director Masterdata Products Kenneth Madsen

Kenneth Madsen

Director, Masterdata Products

SAP master data management system GLASSWING's key visual

Do you want to reach your next level of efficiency and productivity?

Our global team’s passion and commitment to innovation drive us to create solutions that empower businesses all over the world. We want to simplify your master data
but also bring a spark of joy to the process. Get in touch with us to learn more!