Female and male engineers standing with a laptop in a high tech research office, upgrading their processes to an AI-powered SAP master data management with Glasswing

Don’t be a slave to your master data. Upgrade your processes!

AI-powered SAP master data management: Intelligent, intuitive, impactful. With GLASSWING.

An abstract motive of the glasswing transformation from a caterpillar to butterfly. Our MDM transforms SAP master data as well.
Transforming master data into smarter decisions

AI-powered analytics

Imagine a world where your master data works smarter, not harder. That’s what GLASSWING’s AI is all about. It’s like having a master data whisperer that understands and optimizes your information, simplifying those once-complex tasks.

It’s not just about managing data, but about empowering it to guide your business with insights you can trust. By analyzing your master data patterns, GLASSWING not only anticipates and addresses issues but also markedly elevates the overall quality of your master data.

No more manual data tasks like with this manufactoring robot: Glasswing is your autopilot for all of your SAP master data processes
Making master data management a breeze

Process automation and simplification

Say goodbye to tedious, manual data tasks. GLASSWING is here to streamline everything. It’s your autopilot for all of your data processes, freeing up your team to focus on
what really matters. With our product, navigating
the world of master data feels simpler, more intuitive, and
surprisingly effortless.

Glasswing keeps SAP master data safe and sound like this container ship its freight
Keeping your master data safe and sound

Comprehensive governance

In the world of master data, trust and security lead the way. GLASSWING’s governance feature is like a trusty guardian, ensuring your master data stays accurate, secure and within all important compliance lines. It is a peace of mind,
knowing your data is not just managed but also protected and reliable. A cornerstone of reliable business practice.

Technologie center with data server representing all the SAP master data Glasswing provides consistently in a high-quality
Changing master data quality

Long-term excellence

Unlike traditional recurring data quality projects that offer only temporary solutions, GLASSWING implements a continuous quality enhancement approach. This not only repairs existing master data but also optimizes master data processes for the future. By changing input processes and utilizing advanced business rules, GLASSWING provides consistently high-quality data, ensuring long-term optimization and reliability.

Facts & figures

Dive into the facts and figures that showcase our transformative impact and success in data management.


reduced manual master data entry


installations at customers worldwide

Up to 99%

automated maintenance of material master fields by applying over 2,500 business rules, 40 profiles and SAP classification

Icon with a diamond representing higher master data quality with SAP master data management system Glasswing

Higher master data quality

Icon symbolizing service and maintenance representing simplified master data maintenance with SAP master data management system Glasswing

Simplified master data maintenance

Icon with a stop watch representing less working hours with SAP master data management system Glasswing

Less working hours

Three winning principles

# 1


GLASSWING assesses your master data with AI for smart insights.

# 2


GLASSWING streamlines processes, reducing manual effort and errors.

# 3


GLASSWING ensures master data integrity, governance, and compliance with ease.

SAP master data management system GLASSWING's key visual

Curious about how GLASSWING can boost your business?

Offering a seamless setup, effortless scalability, and resource optimization, GLASSWING is your partner in master data excellence. We’d love to chat and explore its potential together!